Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I heart Google, I hate Apple

K, so, Logitech and Google are releasing a TV device called Revue. It is designed to bring programming and movies from multiple sources including the Internet, broadcast providers, PCs and mobile devices to the large- screen TV. It will cost $299.99, yeah, thats a lot. But! Take Apple's recent TV device: It's $99.99, expect you can ONLY watch things from I-Tunes (also Apple's) which you have to pay for, then you have to pay for the stuff you download FROM I-Tunes.... Steve Jobs has been and always will be a money hungry dick in my eyes. Not only that but the content from I-Tunes is limited because most major media companies refuse to pay the outrageous commissions that Apple demands on the revenues earned through it's service. Deep breath. It's just like the I-phone... It's expensive, it's only through AT&T (which mind-fucks people, they make people believe that they cover 97% of America, when in reality their ad's say "covering 97% of AMERICANS"), it doesn't have a flash for the camera, nor does it Flash player (Flash gave up on Apple earlier this year and sided with the Droid.) 

Alright... I'm done ranting...


  1. That sound's great. Media distribution is changing rapidly. Independent filmmakers are now able to self distribute, something that was impossible five years ago. Go Internets!

  2. :) Indeed. But, Apple just tries to rake in the more then necessary amount of money... makes me sad, cause some of their stuff is good...